·         Celebrity and Media Placement

Celebrity placement not only increases brand visibility, but also plays an important role in increasing sales for both small and large companies in all industries. L.Woods PR partners with stylists and publicists by gifting and borrowing for celebrities at after-parties, out and about, and editorial features.  In addition to finding placements with celebrities, L.Woods PR also strives to place each brand in editorials, on blogs, and cable networks.  We carefully select each public figure based on our clients’ request and brand image to get the most out of each placement.

·  Social Media Outreach

We work with a variety of influencers on Instagram, Blogs, and Pinterest to introduce brands to their large following. From campaigns and collaborations, to features and in-depth posts, we with work amazing influencers that produce great results. 

·       Brand Consulting

L.Woods PR is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities and industry trends as well as contacts in various industries to further a clients’ success. Our brand consulting division is more than the average PR company offers. We give more than just advice on what color to change your logo. We sit and discuss our client’s needs and goals for their brand and analyze how to accomplish those endeavors. We give direction on everything from production and buyer connections, to SEO and graphic design. Here at L.Woods PR nothing goes untouched.